«Too many times, press and players prize studios and developers delivering projects without knowing too much of what’s in the back. Making games is an hard job but today life is way easier than 20 years ago because of the democratization of the development tools or even for the globalized world we live in, opening business scenarios that didn’t exist previously. Making business in Italy is quiet hard today and it’s always been. Making business in the gaming industry here is even worst and it’s always been. It’s for this reason that we would like to award Naps Team: a two men army team delivering games on all platforms with top tier partners since the ‘90s that never stopped being creative and committed, despite the difficulties. A team that made history with its products, still being remembered nearly 30 years later. A huge thanks to Domenico Barba and Fabio Capone for the work done and for being so inspiring for at least two generations of game developers in the country.»