"This is to recognize the work Alberto has done supporting the indie community all over the world. Whether it is through Gamera which equips indies with critical market intel, or initiatives like ReLaunch program, which gives underperforming games a second chance at success, Alberto's vision always spans beyond any one studio, including his own, beyond any one country, across the entire ecosystem. Even DStars started in his head. Not the reason he's getting that award, it's just to reinforce the previous point.


Back in 2016, when Alberto founded Gamera, he said, "I'm convinced that a development studio is a place where everyone has to be creative. But creativity has to be 'guided' to be useful. Coming up with a good idea is not a problem. Making games is not a problem. Building-up a production-wise pipeline is the thing that comes first." Four years down the road, Alberto is still guiding creativity. And that's essentially what we would like to celebrate with this award.

Plus, we also think it's cool that before getting into games, Alberto was a football player, a journalist and a publisher. It kind of embodies one of the greatest things about our industry: how open and welcoming it is for people driven by their passion"