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DStars is an award, created by the developers community for the developers community, to celebrate Italian games industry professionals such as programmers, artists, animators (both seniors or indie), managers, PR, marketing experts, or sales and publishing representatives, working in game development studios (both publisher-friendly or indie), as well as their creative talent, leadership and business acumen skills.


DStars is born out of a very simple idea: the desire to recognize and celebrate the contribution some of the most talented Italian developers provide to the art & business of making games on a global scale. With this spirit and for this purpose, 100+ Italian video game professionals, which are listed here have participated in the survey, each of them casting one vote in each category covered by the survey, expressing their personal and individual preferences to acknowledge, show appreciation and respect for the outstanding talent, and increasingly significant contribution, some of their colleagues have given to games and the industry that is now flourishing around, and also thank to, them. We thought it’d be a good think to share with the community and all those potentially interested the results of the survey we have done, which reflect the preferences expressed by the participants to the survey. The results will be available for download after the DStars' event and we hope you find it an interesting reading!


Become part of the carefully selected group of partners and sponsors supporting DStars. There is a wide variety of sponsorship options available as well as almost unlimited custom-tailored options, the crazier ideas the better! For more information please reach out directly to sponsorship@dstars.it and ask the team!


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